No wonder they started calling the music festival Beychella after that!
  • Yesterday Beyoncé Carter-Knowles further cemented her role as the modern ultra queen of all popular culture and music when her performance at Coachella melted every mind which came out to the valley (that wasn’t yet melted by the drugs and the heat). Beyoncé’s performance was so stellar, it began trending on Twitter as #Beychella, with DJ Khaled coming on the mic to declare that the festival would no longer be called Coachella, but Beychella, and indeed the audience was in agreement — what musical performance could be better than this? Beyoncé came outperforming her classic hit, “Crazy in Love” with a marching band to the delight of the audience.

    Guests on her historic set list included Jay-Z (of course), but more shockingly, and at least to the delight of this writer who still adores “Bills, Bills, Bills,” she treated the audience with the appearance of her old musical partners — Destiny’s Child.

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  • The performance echoed historical black college marching bands, New Orleans music and so much more. To say she made the festival her own is a ridiculous understatement, and when the full performance is online, I urge you to watch it. Now without further ado, here’s a snippet of Beyoncé performing with her brilliant sister Solange.

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  • What did you think of Beyoncé’s performance? And if you didn’t like it, get out of here. Who the heck are you anyway, wise guy?

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