VIDEO: Jordan Peele Shows Us the Dangers of Fake News With OBAMA AI

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  • Deep fakes, the term for new technology which allows you to make it look like a celebrity is doing or saying whatever you want using a variety of clips, has first come to mainstream attention — like so many things — through porn. PornHub has since banned deep fake videos that use a celebrity’s face to fake a sex act on the very correct grounds that it is not consensual. Still, very scary questions connected to the technology have emerged.

    In a world where some voters seemingly believe any piece of fake news that flies across their social media page, the concept of technology which can help you make a fake video is terrifying. Enter Jordan Peele.

    Jordan Peele is famous for many, many things at this point — an understatement to be sure — but one of his first claims to fame was his impeccable impression of then President Barack Obama. So, Buzzfeed released a video — with no warning or context really — of a slightly off Obama warning about the dangers of fake news, and saying that people could believe he said things he would never say! Such as Killmonger was right, Ben Carson is in the sunken place, and a profane insult against awful person Donald Trump. All of this is odd, and then we reveal this was, in fact, Jordan Peele creating a fake video. Hopefully, this fun but very meaningful PSA can warn people about deep fakes before they’re absolutely everywhere.

    Then again, who knows! Everyone was so easily tricked last time! Alex Jones just has to say, “Hey, look at this” and everyone will go whoa — is school shooting victim David Hogg actually a crisis actor? He’s not. There’s no such thing as a crisis actor. Just gun control advocates who are okay with lying to you.

    Anyway, I’m worried about deep fakes.

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