Would You Buy a Yodeling Walmart Kid Action Figure?

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  • If you’re a toy collector, sure — you might have a Star Wars, or a Star Trek, or even a Funk of a Steven Universe here or there, but you’re not a real toy collecting super nerd unless you have this bad boy — a WalMart Yodeling Kid toy! Oh, heck yeah. The toy isn’t something you can actually buy yet, despite Mason Ramsey’s ubiquity on Walmart’s stage and screen and Coachella, but it is an incredible art project from the artist Dano Brown, and if you are an eccentric art collector and meme fan, you can find the guy who bought the darn thing on Ebay here.

    As for Dano Brown, you can check out his Instagram feed of similar art projects here, to see an absolute army of fun, handmade action figures he makes. My favorite is this one with all three characters from Duck Hunt.

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  • What do you think of the Yodeling Kid action figure? Let us know in the comments.

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