Never has the word "garbage" inspired so much...
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  • I have terrible news, readership: prom season is upon us, and for some of us that means endless competition, an arms race of grace and beauty with your peers. But what is there for those of us whose taste runs a little more DIY, or a little bit more… trash? YouTuber Amber Scholl, known for her DIY projects, comes to the rescue with her latest project — making a glamorous gown out of the great divider between us and the collective filth of the world — that humble garbage bag!

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  • With only tape, a dress base, a skirt, and the hero in question (bags of garbage), Amber creates a downright glamorous gown that comes with a floral arrangement, a black rose adorned bust, and a general style that can only come from a bag of garbage and a luxurious mind.

    Amber, if you are reading this I have but one request — please make the next dress out of trash. You did such a good job with this, I want to see what could come next. Please, Amber, please!

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