Fans have never been so torn... on why they pronounce symbiote so badly in this movie.
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  • The right’s issue with the Spider-Man movie franchise is a storied and complex one best described possibly by an old wise woman who is blind but sees all, with a big old web behind her. Of course, if you want to see the Madame Webb movie, she’ll probably be in the Miles Morales film coming up. This film — the second of Sony’s produced Spider-Man films, is Venom, starring Tom Hardy. Now, the first Venom trailer didn’t show Venom for some reason, but this trailer — we see Venom! For better or for worse.

    The trailer (so far) has fans — of comics, movies, good storytelling and pronouncing words correctly alike — up in arms. First off — symbiote is a real word. Why do they pronounce it like it’s been ripped from a science fiction novel? Also, what is this weirdly gritty mess? The fun of Spider-Man is seeing an awkward teenager deal with the difficulties of life, rather than an already rugged guy kind of turning more rugged. Also, why does Venom look like Spider-Man in this movie if this is from a reality where Spider-Man and Venom never bonded? Venom is in this, but he looks kind of weird, right? Is there a way to make a good CGI Venom? I’m not sure. Probably.

    Then again, Jenny Slate is in this, and that’s pretty cool. And I liked when Venom said, “We are Venom.” Good job, Venom. I guess I’ll be snarky when this comes out.

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