The cinema experience of the season is this kitty falling down.
  • What’s Trending HQ here with the latest silly cat video update. I repeat, the latest silly cat video update is coming in. I’m getting reports that… a cat? Yes, I am reading this correctly, a cat. A cat tried to lie down on a laptop, knocked over the laptop, and then fell to the floor with it.

    Yes, my reports are correct! One incredibly silly cat, belonging to Twitter user @brandonsalinass tried to sleep on Brandon’s laptop and then pushed itself and the laptop to the very floor of the house!

    Is the cat okay? Is the laptop okay? We will catch up with Brandon who says — yes! Laptop and cat are okay. It is acceptable to laugh at the cat’s misfortune! I repeat, laughing at the cat’s misfortune is, in fact, cool and good. In fact, here is the cat in question doing some well-advised cuddling.

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