VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon Assembles Avengers Stars for Brady Bunch Parody

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  • We already know that the Avengers: Infinity War movie will be the most ambitious crossover event of all time, but is one movie enough to truly handle this much crossover? Early reviews are split, but Jimmy Fallon wants to give us more of these lovable superheroic goons interacting, with the sketch “The Avengers Bunch”.

    Do you new kids even know The Brady Bunch? It was the story of a very lovely lady who had three daughters, and she married a dude with three sons, and folks — there were six kids (and a maid named Alice). People remember, for the most part, three things about the Brady Bunch — Marsha got hit in the nose, they went to Hawaii once and the everlasting theme song, baby!

    Jimmy Fallon brought the (no doubt exhausted) cast of the new Avengers theme to say a little something about their characters to the tune of “The Brady Bunch”. Robert Downey Jr. brings in the core Avengers crew, Chris Pratt brings in all the newer heroes, and then when they finish singing, Tom Hiddleston’s impish Loki comes in to tease his brother.

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