VIDEO: Liza Koshy and Gabbie Hanna Go to Mermaid School

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  • If there’s one thing that kids these days love (I am guessing since I am an old man), it’s fighting gun violence and making adults believe that they are eating Tide Pods when in fact they’re eating a healthy array of vegetables (I assume). Second to that? YouTube stars and mermaids, I guess! MTV’s TRL is back, and it brought us a healthy combination of both when it took Liza Koshy and Gabbie Hanna to Mermaid School. The girls go to a pool where they put on glorious mermaid tails and swim in glorious mermaid waters as they’re taught how to paddle their newly formed fins, and my favorite — do that beautiful arch thing Ariel does in “The Little Mermaid”.

    Do Liza Koshy and Gabbie Hanna make beautiful Ariels of their own? The answer… they’re good, they’re good, and we think you’ll like it! Just watch the video above.

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