Rihanna and Drake Are No Longer Friends

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  • There’s always a pressing question when we discuss musical celebrities — these creatures of wealth and glamour whose lives and stories dwarf ours in the public eye, rightfully or not. Mainly, the question is — are they realy friends? In the case of Rihanna and Drake apparently — not really. Drake and Rihanna’s relationship made the news in 2016 during the VMAs when Drake introduced the superstar singer with a hyperbolicly glowing speech which ended with him saying he’s been in love with the singer since he was very young.

  • So, we can’t be blamed for Rihanna being annoyed by this entire thing. One thing people tend to not love is people telling them they’ve been in love with them forever, especially in front of a ton of people. If you feel like admitting your love to a near stranger to an infinite amount people — I guess, don’t do it Is my advice, you know? Anyway, Rihanna described her annoyance at the whole thing, saying —

  • So, Drake and Rihanna? Friends no more!

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