Not so super now are you, Mr. Intendent?
  • Did your high school ever have a mystery pooper? My college did. The guy pooped in one of the mascot costumes and we never found out who this near sociopathic prankster was, but the denizens of Holmdel High School in New Jersey found out who their mystery pooper was — their very own superintendent! That’s right, the mystery began when human fecal matter (or big old man poops for you laymen out there) were found out on the high school’s track field and were discovered, through surveillance camera footage, to belong to the superintendent, Thomas Tramaglini. He went jogging on the school’s track and then proceeded to drop trou and then drop poop.

    What’s weird is the guy isn’t even the superintendent at that school. Thomas “School Poops” Tamaglini, what are you doing?

    The superintendent was placed on administrative paid leave and has been charged with “Lewdness, Littering, and Defecating in Public”.

    Meanwhile, his poops were charged with being “very stinky” (I assume).

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