He ended up adopting the puppy and naming him 'Lifted'!
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  • Gang, this is kind of the futurist dream — when you see a problem, you can invent a super genius AI drone to take care of it.

    This was what was done when engineer Milind Raj saw a puppy stuck in a drain in Lucknow, India. He rushed home and proceeded to build a drone — an AI drone with a hand that would reach down and scoop up the puppy and monitor the puppy’s heart rate to make sure the dog’s rescue was as peaceful as possible (and so the claw wouldn’t suffocate the puppy). The building of the AI took six hours, and when the puppy was rescued it vomited up all the sewer water it drank up.

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  • But, don’t worry — this story doesn’t just end with a puppy drinking sewer water! Raj ended up adopting the puppy and giving him a cute name based on their unlikely meeting — “Lifted”. Aww!

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