It's so crazy to watch an accomplished actress mess with Roseanne Barr like that.
  • The Donald Trump presidency has forced us to take a long hard look at our cultural norms. Our president may be one of the dumbest men alive, and the person he’s currently entangled in a conflict with (involving payoffs, affairs, and general “cheating on his wife a month after his son is born,”) porn star Stormy Daniels? Why that lady is quite smart! Clever, funny, and clearly understands the law better than our president whose current lawyer Rudy Guiliani went on Fox News and for some reason talked about him breaking the law. So, when Roseanne, the comedian best known for having a sitcom that likes Trump and harassing David Hogg on Twitter, tried to denigrate Daniels, the star had a perfect comeback for her —

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  • Do you guys remember Roseanne’s famously terrible national anthem? You know, where she screwed it up on purpose and grabbed her crotch? Well, Daniels does. And buddy, don’t try to denigrate a porn star. She’s heard it all and could take down the president. No one here knows what she’s dealing with!

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