No, Kevin Korda's yearbook photo is not photoshopped (no matter what some may think).
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  • So, look — your Yearbook portrait is coming up, you’re about to graduate. Now is the time to put forward your best face, and high schooler Kevin Korda did just that sporting the most perfect and glamorous makeup you could ever imagine.

    Like, check out this before and after. The contouring is unbelievable.

    The photo quickly went viral on Instagram for Korda, receiving tons of support from his family and friends for it. He commented on the possibly still groundbreaking nature:

    “The masculinity that’s wanted by men, and that’s expected by a lot of women and men — it’s uncomfortable for those hyper-masculine men to see a guy wearing four-inch lashes on his face, or over-lined lips, or contour or highlight. It’s just uncomfortable…I want little guys and little girls to know that they don’t have to be feminine or masculine — they can be whatever they want.”

    True that. Gender is an illusion, nerds! You have the right to look as feminine or masculine as you want!

    Korda is currently looking at different colleges to continue his makeup education, and will eventually make his face so beautiful everyone who gazes upon it, melts.

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