Do we even deserve a dog's love?
  • The love of a dog is always this pure, beautiful, and often confounding thing. “Why exactly do you like us so much?” we wonder. “Don’t you know we’re truly trashy humans? We don’t deserve your beautiful dog love. I mean, we’ll take it, but we don’t understand it!”

    A beautiful example of the love a dog can have for its master, is the story of this dog in the Chinese city of Chongqing. Named Xiongxiong, which means “Little Bear”, in Chinese. The beautiful dog has been waiting for its master to come home from work for a ridiculous twelve hours, every day for 8 years now.

    Xiongxiong lets himself be pet, but can hardly contain his excitement when his master comes back and marches along with him with joy in his little dog heart. The dog is 15 and it doesn’t have a collar, but the residents of the area know him well. Said one:

    “He won’t eat anything you give him. He appears around seven or eight o’clock every day when his owner goes to work… and he waits, he just waits really happily.”

    We here at What’s Trending would like to report, on the record, that Xiongxiong… is a very good boy.

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