Nicki Minaj Releases Two New Visually Arresting Videos — “Chun Li” and “Barbie Tingz”

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  • New material from Nicki Minaj is always a cause de célèbre, and today the rap superstar released two incredible videos for two incredible singles — “Chun Li” and “Barbie Tingz”. One is heavily inspired by Hong Kong Cinema (and seemingly fighting video games,) and one plays further into the Nicki Minaj concept of “The Artificial Human Barbie Doll”. They’re both very cool.

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  • The first video, “Chun Li” is named after the Chinese martial artist fro the video game franchise “Street Fighter”, and has Nicki Minaj weaving a tale of vengeance, revenge, and power similar to a Hong Kong martial arts movie, with visual clues from Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar Wai. It’s visually arresting and filled with so many details meant for the annotating.

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  • The second video is classic Nicki Minaj — vinyl costumes, bravado, and is even named “Barbie Tingz” to continue to represent Nicki Minaj’s love of the Barbie aesthetic that she ironically showcases in so much of her work. Overall, two excellent videos.

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