Between the incredible subtext and Glover's complex maniacal performance, this video is gorgeous.
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  • Donald Glover is setting the DNA of culture aflame by quietly raising his level of excellence more and more as we stare in disbelief in every single one. After being excellent in a mostly okay episode of SNL, letting the latest season of Atlanta speak for itself, Donald Glover, under his, apparently not retired at all persona of Childish Gambino released a heartbreaking, mind-melting satirical track, “This is America”.

    The lyrics of “This is America” are incredible — subtly loaded with the horrors experienced by black people in the United States, and the video doubles down on this as Donald Glover oscillates between mania and tragedy, shooting people in ways reminiscent of Abu Grahib or Dylan Roof, before handing the gun to a waiting nearby assistant who takes it and swaddles it in a red sheet. In the center of it is Glover, putting in an egoless and haunting performance as a cross between some kind of devilish figure and a specter of morality. The entire thing is powerful. Check it out.

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