Soft serve? No! Hard crash!
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  • Look, it’s not like any of our first times in a car was particularly great — my own was marked with me driving in terrified slowness through an empty parking lot fighting off an anxiety attack — but at least it wasn’t this bad!

    A girl too young to drive in Detroit, Michigan wanted to drive her sister’s car to a Dairy Queen, and folks, she ended up missing the drive-thru window by — oh, let’s say — a lot and crashed into the outdoor patio area.

    As we can see, there were two people on the patio, and luckily both of them got out of the way safely and in time. We can see the video as the young girl gets out of the car and absolutely panics, although to her credit, your teenage years is really the only time you can crash a car with little consequence (if you’re white of course. Eh, let’s not get into that I guess. Eh, too late I already did).

    No one was hurt in the accident, which I think… is a… smashing success. See, I brought it around! This is a very stressful thing that happened to her.

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