This is a human error nightmare come to life. Ugh!
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  • A nightmare situation came true for a 37-year-old Russian woman named Olesja Schemjakowa who, while having lunch in Switzerland, accidentally left a $7,732 tip on a $23.70 meal at the New Point Cafe in Zurich, Switzerland (the prize was actually in Swiss Francs, but one Franc equals exactly one dollar, so it works out). Olesja was having coffee and chocolate with her son when she accidentally left the 32,000% tip on the meal and only discovered it when looking into her credit card statement.

    Calls to somehow get the money back were in vain — with the credit card companies saying that they can only refund money in instances of fraud, not human error, and the police saying they’re unable to charge her because this is not a criminal case. The head of the restaurant told Olesja he would refund her money, but then promptly stopped returning her calls and declared bankruptcy, closing his restaurant. He still claims he’ll get her the money, but uh doesn’t seem likely.

    Olesja is currently unemployed and in France, so this new suffocating weight of debt is well… bad, to say the least.

    Yikes. Human error is a nightmare.

    Meanwhile, my pin number, “HeresATipUhGetARealJobHaHa,” will hopefully get me into absolutely zero trouble.

    Always tip 20%, folks. Be careful out there.

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