Cardi B’s Sound Effects Cut Into Star Wars

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  • The world of Star Wars is known for its iconic visuals, its iconic story and of course its iconic sound effects. Ben Burtt, sound designer on the Star Wars films, created such iconic sounds as the lightsabre being unsheathed, the ominous breathing of Darth Vader and the high pitched screaming of R2D2. Well, Star Wars isn’t the only one with iconic sounds — enter our great new superstar Cardi B — whose sound effects include the mewling of a sad cat, a cackling laugh, “okurrr,” and so many others. Now get outta here Ben Burtt, because in this incredible fan edited video, Cardi B voices all of these incredible Star Wars figures.

    Now, I just want to see her voice some random star pilot who is ready to laugh in Unkarr Plutt’s face, and folks, I’m going to be golden. I use a Money Moves joke in almost every article I’ve written about Cardi B, and the money in Star Wars is known as credits so uh… making credit moves? Yeah, that works fine!

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