LAPD Searching for Individual Who Stole the Original Iron Man Suit

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  • In Matt Fraction’s “Iron Man: The Five Nightmares”, Iron Man lists his greatest nightmare as the Iron Man technology falling into the wrong hands and being used for evil. Now, in a way, a very stretch of a way, his greatest fear is coming to life after the original Iron Man costume used in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was stolen. Was it by Obadiah Stane? Whiplash? Whoever the heck was the villain in Iron Man 3 (I’m not googling it. Okay, I’ll google it) — Aldrich Killian (Killian? Ugh). In any case, the suit — worth $325,000 was taken from a prop storage facility in Los Angeles. The LAPD is currently on the case, but does the LAPD have the manpower to take down a man in a stolen Iron Man suit?

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  • Also, I didn’t know they used a practical prop in that movie. Way to go you guys.

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