The entire incident was caught on video and I'm sure the racist reasoning surrounding her justification is even lamer than normal.
  • A white Yale Student, upon finding a black classmate napping in the dorm’s common area, called the campus police on her after promptly waking her up. The classmate — one Lolade Siyonbola recorded both a short interaction with the racist Yale Student, and with the police who checked Siyonbola’s ID to make sure she belonged on campus (even after the student opened up the door to her apartment).

    The incident has caused controversy on campus due to its obvious profiling, and in the video with the police, Siyonbola states that this is the second time this specific white Yale Student has called the police on a black classmate. The police ultimately leave after going through Siyonbola’s identifications, but the incident is an exhausting one in a pattern of many.

  • At this point, when a white citizen calls the police on a black person doing, in some cases, such as the one at the now infamous Starbucks in Philadelphia, literally nothing, it should be identified as what it is — a case of racial terrorism.

    Considering how often a case of police interacting with a black person can end with an unlawful arrest, or in some cases, straight up murder, the idea that white citizens see this as a weapon they can use to hurt innocents rather than the natural repulsion and sadness that should be felt is repulsive. Yale is a prestigious Ivy League second only to Harvard. For it to allow racist such as this to go unchecked is frankly beyond disappointing.

    Also, it’s college. Any overworked student who doesn’t nap in public is a spy. Them’s the rules. Sorry!

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