Chris Brown Sued by Woman Raped by Young Lo in His Home

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  • A trigger warning for those who need it because this story is an absolute nightmare.

    On February 23rd, a woman, identified as Jane Doe, was invited to an after-party at a recording studio by Chris Brown and rapper Young Lo when her phone was taken away. When she tried to get it back, she was instead told that the after party was to continue at Chris Brown‘s house where guns were waved about and the guests were handed pills filled with “a white powder”. When Jane Doe asked for her phone back, she was led to a room where a couch was moved to block the door and was forced to participate in an orgy against her consent.

    Later, Jane Doe was locked in a bedroom and raped by the rapper Young Lo. Chris Brown may have blocked the door to prevent her from escaping. When Jane Doe’s mother used her phone’s tracking device to find her, leading the police to Chris Brown’s house, Chris Brown locked the doors causing the police to eventually leave. Buzzfeed provides further details here.

    After the rape, Jane Doe went to a rape crisis center and is currently being represented by Gloria Allred in her case against Chris Brown and Young Lo.

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