Now, I bet you're all wondering, what was she presenting? Well, it was about refugee-host country relationships, and also — she was in her underwear.
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  • Policing women’s dress codes has always been an odd thing that some teachers do that reveals so much more about their own prejudices and sexual hang-ups than it does about the actual outfits.

    Obscene, inappropriate, or too sexual is very much in the eye of the beholder, and after Cornell professor Rebekah Maggor commented on student Letitia Chai’s shorts for being “too short” for a professional presentation, Letitia rebelled by stripping down to her underwear, and proceeding to do the presentation in a state of near undress.

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  • Letitia wrote on Facebook:

    “The first thing that the professor said to me was “is that really what you would wear?”

    She, a white woman, continued: “Your shorts are too short.”

    The professor proceeded to tell me, in front of my whole class, that I was inviting the male gaze away from the content of my presentation and onto my body.

    She said I was making a statement by wearing my outfit. I told her that I sure as hell wouldn’t change my statement to make her or anyone else feel more comfortable.”

    Letitia continued to present for a half an hour, and look — college is fun and dumb. Anyone who critiques this is wrong.

    The professor tried to humiliate her in front of the class, and despite her authority, that really is disgusting behavior. But also, anyone who thinks this is cool is also wrong. Everyone is wrong, except for me. The aging decrepit author who wrote this.

    And what do I think is cool? Uhh… how about this video of a dog getting its butt grabbed and screaming? Now, that is cool.

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