David Beckham is the latest celebrity to be taken into Deadpool's long-standing war to try to get our attention so we see his movie.
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  • The Deadpool team knew that advertising their new movie in the wake of Avengers: Infinity War was never going to be a snap (get it), but the team is pulling out all the stops, and all of the half-forgotten, but long beloved, celebrities.

    So far, Deadpool has danced with Celine Dion, imitated Bob Ross, and now he shows up at the home of soccer star David Beckham with an “apology”. The apology in question is for a joke from Deadpool 1 where Deadpool makes fun of David Beckham for having his voice sounding like he “mouth sexed a can of helium”, which is like — Hunter S. Thompson language for the middle school crowd.

    Deadpool arrives at David Beckham’s house with gifts, balloons, a mariachi band, but only the sight of tickets to the World Cup get David Beckham to forgive Deadpool — except it’s for the slight of Ryan Reynolds making sort of bad movies. Oops! Oh well.

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