Melissa McCarthy Drops by SNL for Mother’s Day

The sketches included McCarthy as Michael Che's stepmom, Amy Schumer hosting a game show with one of Kate McKinnon's creepiest characters, and a salute to the horrors of childbirth.
By Alex Firer
  • SNL had some of its most strangely endearing, and beautifully creepy sketches this past weekend for its Amy Schumer hosted Mother’s Day episode. One of the highlights of the evening was a visit from “Michael Che’s Stepmom”, played lovingly and so sweetly by Melissa McCarthy, showing all of the love and goofy humor of a mom as Michael Che plays straight man, and the end will absolutely get your eyes to tear up, if only a little. It even got Melissa McCarthy’s eyes to tear up in the sketch. It’s sweet!

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  • The next sketch is an ode to the terror and horror of giving birth and those early years of motherhood. We won’t ruin the punchline, but needless to say, we agree with the sentiment at the end: moms can make this all look really easy.

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  • The final sketch is maybe one of my all-time SNL favorites, as Kate McKinnon and Mikey Day play one of the creepiest game show going mother-son pairings in recent memory — long creepy kisses and all.

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  • Plus, Leslie Jones comes very close to breaking in it!

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