Hairless Mario Horrifies Internet

It's a him, it's a upsetting!
By Alex Firer
  • Ever since the Internet was launched into the cosmos it feels like one million hyper-specific interests came along for the ride. Did you think you were the only one who wanted to see Disney style anthropomorphic animals in romantic situations? Nay! There are so many, and thus the furries were thrown into popularity! And, this is, I guess, the opposite of a furry, as the Internet was collectively horrified over the sight of a bald, moustacheless Mario staring back at us. His once iconic facial hair and eyebrows — gone!

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  • Created by @yourfavisbald2, a Twitter account that makes your favorite cartoon characters looks hairless and weird, a Bald Mario image seems terrifying — where the uber-familiar face, once known for its rugged goofiness, seems almost reptilian and horrifying. It’s a him? Not anymore, it ain’t!

    Although if you thought hairless Mario was bad, check out hairless Sonic the Hedgehog. He has even more hair to lose and more baldness to upset you with. Yikes!

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