Caged Tiger at High School Prom Causes Controversy

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  • Prom. I’ll never forget it. Beautiful dresses, great music, oh and a live tiger that could’ve broken out of its cage and mauled us all to death.

    Christopher Columbus High School in Miami, Florida recently hosted their prom with the theme, “Welcome to the Jungle”. Who would’ve thought the prom theme “Welcome to the Jungle” would’ve actually had a live tiger? Anyway, not only did it feature a tiger, but other animals including a lemur, parrot, and a fox.

    People began speaking out against having the tiger at the prom because — a) it could’ve been a dangerous disaster, and b) a tiger is a wild animal that should not be kept in such a small cage. In short, many are saying it was animal abuse.

    In addition to the tiger and other animals mentioned, they also featured birds in cages as centerpieces. Unattended birds as centerpieces around 15-17-year-olds? Those birds were probably fed cake or something.

    The principal of the high school had this to say: “We recognize this decision has offended some and for that, we apologize. Although it was in a controlled environment and handled by professionals approved by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation, we understand how some individuals may be concerned.”

    What do you think? Did the high school take their prom theme too far? Let us know in the comments.

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