PHOTO: Squirrels Have Completely Taken Over This Guy’s Engine

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  • Squirrels — they’re just like us! They freakin’ love big old car engines. Vroom, vroom!

    Gabe Awrey shared a photo of his friend’s car engine that showed just how far this insane squirrel love can go when a photo showed his car engine filled with pine cones and other little treats left there by a roaming pack of mad squirrels. From the looks of it, these crazed little creatures have been parked in there for awhile.

    This is why it’s a good idea to fire up your car every now and then, even if you’re not using it. You never know when it could be infested with a series of crazed acorn burying vermin. And, I mean, how can you fire up your car now, sir? That would be like destroying their environment! Are you ready to deal with the guilt of destroying these squirrels’ home? Scoff, I say. Scoff!

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