Does This Audio Clip Sound Like It’s Saying Yanny or Laurel?

It's like the gold/blue dress in audio form.
By Alex Firer
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  • I can’t believe it’s only been about two years since the Internet was torn apart by whether or not a dress was white and gold or blue and black, but now the players on the power of perception is back, in audio form! Twitter user @CloeCouture posted an audio clip asking if it was saying either Yanny or Laurel, and folks, the Internet is SPLIT.

    Some people think it’s saying Yanny, some think its saying Laurel and very many users are incredibly enough hearing both Yanny and Laurel. I know I am — it’s madness! Some Twitter users are playing with the pitch of the clip to try to isolate the specific sounds, and indeed, Yanny is on a higher pitch than Laurel. The Atlantic has a breakdown of the science of it, but I only know one thing — this is insane, and also, Laurel and Yanny would make a great 1930’s comedy duo. Laurel and Yanni, you goofballs!

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