VIDEO: Man Threatens to Call ICE on Strangers Speaking Spanish

His name is Aaron M. Schlossberg, a lawyer in New York who was caught on video harassing strangers for speaking Spanish.
By Alex Firer
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  • It’s almost exhausting to keep saying that the Trump administration has truly emboldened our stupidest and most virulent racists to be worse and more racist than ever imagined.

    We’ve had plenty of deeply stupid white people try to call the police on people of color for doing literally nothing (like at the Starbucks in Philadelphia) or just having a cook out (in Oakland, where the woman who called the police on them has now become a reluctant meme and example of this kind of awfulness). Luckily, we have a video to capture some of this bigotry, and we have the case here when a man, identified as attorney Aaron M. Schlossberg by journalist Shaun King, loses his mind when he — oh no, oh no — hears some people speaking Spanish around him at Fresh Kitchen on Madison Avenue in NYC!

    We see the man in the video throwing an absolute fit, saying that people in this country should speak English (what?), that they’re living in HIS country off HIS welfare dollars (seem like they have a job at the place he’s ruining), and that he will call ICE on the people there and get them deported.

    I think forcing people to get kicked out of the country for speaking a language you don’t is some class A fascist bootlicking, but if that’s the person he apparently wants to be, the bad guy in every history book, and an embarrassment to everyone he’s ever known, then he can be that if he wants to. Don’t worry sir, I wrote this entry in English, so you can see me calling you a humiliating trash man in a language you can honor, sir!

    Still, as much as this guy looks like an idiot, calling ICE or the police on people of color for not doing anything is, as one Twitter user put it, attempted murder.

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  • That, and ICE continues to be more and more monstrous, keeping people detained for inordinate periods of time, sometimes without charges, separating families, disrespecting people who are here in a legal way that apparently ICE doesn’t care about, and further attempts of a fascist government to destroy a people. And this man chose to be on their side rather than the side of people. Despicable.

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