Give these guys a hand!
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  • It seems like it was but yesterday when Vanity Fair made one of the greatest revelations of its publication history — that Reese Witherspoon is a mighty three-legged being, and Oprah Winfrey? Well, a mighty three handed creature, after that many hands were spotted in a “candid” photo published to the site later.

    Folks, that’s just too many limbs.

    Well, while most of the world forgot the chaos of the multi handed Oprah Winfrey, GQ remembered, and for their Comedy Issue cover, they lampooned it with too many limbs from their three cover stars: SNL’s Kate McKinnon, Insecure’s Issa Rae, and “I Love You America” host and all-around comedy legend, Sarah Silverman.

    Our count has three legs and three hands on McKinnon, and four hands on Sarah Silverman, one of which is a leg (see bottom corner). I didn’t see any extra limbs on Issa Rae, but I guess Insecure is just not that kind of show, alright! Although, I haven’t seen the back cover. Maybe it’s just strewn with the many limbs of Issa Rae!

    GQ released a faux apology for the cover on their website, you know, just in case you miss it, and I must say, this is a high-quality bit, GQ! Good work all! Even if this cover didn’t have too many limbs, it would stand out for that insane Kate McKinnon placement.

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