VIDEO: Man Dressed as Spider-Man Hangs Upside Down in Subway Train

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  • Hey, kid. It’s me, Boston Alex, the boy from the East last seen reporting on donut fries at my favorite Dunkies. Now, I’m here to report on the latest hero to grace the streets of Boston! Nah, I ain’t talking about Keytar Bear, kid. I’m talking about freakin’ Spider-Man, kid! The people of the T (suck it, New York) saw Spider-Man riding the Orange Line, probably to stop that darn Dr. Octopus (went to Harvard Med School) in Roxbury (the Orange Line goes to Roxbury)!

    This particular Spider-Man costume is from the upcoming Insomniac video game for the PlayStation 4 that all the cool gamers are excited about, to the point where even freakin’ Insomniac Games (who’s making the game) was like: “damn that’s a cool Spider-suit, kid!”

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  • It just goes to show, games are better than movies and Boston is the best city in the world, kid! In Boston, we say ‘kid’, kid! You don’t think this is, in fact, subtle advertising for the upcoming Spider-Man video game, done in a manner to seem natural and pure, but is, in fact, preying on our sense of trust with the world, and when unmasked, will continue to erode our sense of trust in the world out there along with every other force that uses us more for our finances than for our beautiful human souls.

    Nah, the people of Boston ain’t so easily tricked, kid! Second state to legalize gay marriage, baby!

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