So is Ryan Reynolds just Deadpool now?
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • At this point, no matter when Ryan Reynolds stops playing Deadpool, it’s clear he’s sort of found his voice as a celebrity, and it’s not that different from the character. Odd, anime-inspired, Internet-friendly goofiness left and right, and Reynolds is continuing to expand that persona when he went on “King of Masked Singer”, a Korean singing show, and belted forth “Tomorrow” from “Annie” before a rapt and confused audience, all while dressed as a unicorn.

    Silly musicals? Unicorn stuff? Why that’s Deadpool talk! Reynolds, don’t you watch your own movies and read those darned comics? You think things end well for Deadpool, buddy? They don’t. One minute you’re goofing with Cable and annoying Domino, the next minute oh… oh, buddy, you don’t want to read some of those comics. Well, you do because they’re good, but maybe there’s a warning against trying to transform yourself into Deadpool!

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