Who wouldn't want to traumatize a beloved children's character for their birthday?
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  • What do you think Peppa Pig (that British kid’s cartoon character) is like in real life? Does she have fears like you or I? Does she have dreams? You know, we’re so caught up in the excitement of our day to day lives, we can so easily forget that Peppa Pig has feelings and doesn’t want to — you know — watch a piñata of herself decimated by a tiny child swinging a massive bat.

    And yet, my friends, and yet — that is exactly what this video delivered. In the video above, a kids party performer dressed up as the titular pig as she watches in absolute terror as a child smashes an effigy of her, in a sense. Folks, I don’t know about you, but if I saw a version of myself smashed on by a child, I might react the same way as the actress did.

    Seriously, that is such a game Peppa Pig actress. Reacting in the only correct way.

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