Zendaya's jaw DROPPED on this incredible lip sync battle.
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  • While the rest of the Internet can Marvel over some good ol’ Spider-Man 2: Homecoming (or is it Spider-Man: Homecoming 2? Should I check this? Folks, I didn’t) casting announcements (Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio folks, you heard me right, Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio), there’s only one piece of Spider-Man news that is getting caught in my web (what a clever boy I am) — mainly this clip of Tom Holland lip-synching to Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’. Not just lip-synching to it, but doing the most incredible gender queer performance I have ever seen on this show.

    Tom Holland comes out in an outfit befitting either the emcee from Cabaret, with a feminine movement that is incredible, and an eye shadow and costume that shows off his buff Spider-Man arms. There we go, finally, a Spider-Man using his celebrity for good, a Spider-Man who recognizes that with great power comes great responsibility… a responsibility to blow our minds with crazy gender-bending performances.

    I love it. I mean — look how excited Zendaya looks!

  • Zendaya

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  • Well, I hope he won the lip sync crown or whatever.

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