"Ahh!" — a lynx.
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  • Folks, the animal kingdom is wild as all heck, but there’s nothing wilder to me than the odd video of a majestic animal screaming its weird as all heck lungs out.

    Take, for example, the majestic lynx. You imagine it as a beautiful creature gazing over the mountains, a reminder of the brutality of nature, a brutality that certainly has a hole punctured in it when you see two lynxes screaming at each other in the voices of nerdy humans.

    “Ahh”, says one lynx. “Ahh”, says the other lynx. “Ahh!” declare these two once majestic animals that will never recover from this PR nightmare. They owe their entire species an apology. How can I fear the mighty lynx now that I know this is how its going to threaten me? It sounds like someone dubbed it as a joke. Lynxes — what are you doing, guys?

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