Kendrick Lamar Stops Song to Call Out Fan Using the N-Word

Delaney — you had one job.
By Alejandra Moedano
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  • During a performance at the Hangout Festival in Alabama, Kendrick Lamar asked the audience if anyone knew the lyrics to M.A.A.D. City, and invited fans onstage to rap with him. Some fans, like Rohan, rapped the song without any incident.

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  • However, one fan, a white girl named Delaney, rapped the N-word to the insane discomfort of the audience. At first, Delaney wasn’t really sure what was happening, asking if the problem was that she wasn’t ‘cool’ enough. Despite the audience’s collective, and his own disappointment, Kendrick gave Delaney another chance to rap the song, and she did it — properly censored. According to some concertgoers, however, it was tense.

    The conversation regarding the N-word can be complicated, but at heart, it remains simple — black people can say it, and white people can’t. Delaney learned that lesson on stage while rapping with Kendrick Lamar, but — it’s also a lesson you can learn before you’re on stage with a Pulitzer Prize winner in front of thousands of people.

    It’s an important discussion that we keep having over and over and over, but again — the rules are simple.

    What do you think? Should white people be allowed to say the N-word while rapping, or did you figure out by now the answer is ‘no’? Let us know in the comments.

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