Veronica Mars Returns… To The Big Screen!

Veronica Mars Returns... To The Big Screen!
By Brianna Baxter
  • The Veronica Mars movie was made possible by a kickstarter campaign which raised over $5.7 million. The first official trailer is out. In it, Kristen Bell returns as Veronica Mars, but now she is all grown up.

    After beginning a new life in New York City, Veronica is faced with the decision to jeopardize her future in order to save someone from her past. Back in Neptune her old love interest, Logan Echolls, faces legal trouble after being accused of murder. It also happens to be their 10-year high school reunion.

    Like the show, the movie appears to have plenty of cheesy drama and action, not too mention most of the former cast! The movie will be in theaters on Friday, March 14 in AMC Theaters.