Lamarr Wilson On Watching 3D Without Glasses and The Smart Home Life At Samsung CES 2014

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  • Self-professed “socially awkward” techie Lamarr Wilson joins Shira lazar, Andre Meadows and Ethan Newberry of What’s Trending in the Samsung Smart Lounge to chat about his favorite trends that he’s seeing at CES 2014.

    So, what’s exciting him the most? Seeing 4K content in person. “I saw the Samsung 4K, and I saw that Amazon would be partnering with Samsung Stream, and I’m really excited about it.” He adds, “I didn’t that that 1080p to 4K would be that big of a deal, but it is. It’s really stunning.”

    He’s also pumped about wearable tech, UltraNet security, watching 3D without glasses (what?!), and, again, that 4k viewing.

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