UnboxTherapy Reviews 4K TVs and The Coolest Gear CES 2014

UnboxTherapy Reviews 4K TVs and The Coolest Gear CES 2014
By Amanda Walgrove
  • Lewis from Unbox Therapy joins Shira Lazar, Ethan Newberry and Andre Meadows in the Samsung Smart Lounge to chat about wearable smart gear and the curve TV.

    “TVs are a big thing,” he says of trends at CES 2014. “Of course, the curve display over here at the Samsung booth. About that one, I like the fact that it’s configurable. You motorize. You can curve it or have it flat. So, if you’re watching something independently just by yourself, you could cater it to you. But then if you want to open up the viewing angle for everyone else, you can do the alternative.”

    As Ethan points out, Lewis also went an entire month using only Galaxy Gear. “I was amazed at how much use I got out of it,” he says of the wearable device. “There are some use case scenarios where – you can’t beat it right now.”

    He also sees this wearable tech as the future. “Maybe you won’t need to link it to a secondary device,” he predicts. “Maybe everything can happen on your wrist.”

    Of the new 4K computer monitors, he notes, “Up until this point, it’s been tough to get computer power that can actually produce enough pixels to pump out to a 4K display. So, now I’ve got a PC on the way that can handle it. I just want to upgrade my whole setup.”

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