“Storytellers” Stars Joey Graceffa, Whitney Milam, and Devyn Smith On Behind-The-Scenes Antics and Season 2!

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  • “Storytellers” stars Joey Graceffa, Whitney Milam and Devyn Smith spill the deets on seasons one, tease season 2, explain their craziest tweets, and take fan questions!

    First off, did you know that Devyn was initially supposed to play Skylar? But Joey thought she did such an incredible, dark reading of her character that he just had to cast her as his sister.

    “Before we told fans, it was probably 6 or 7 months,” Joey said about the planning stages. He was so excited about the idea that he wanted to hold onto it in secret for a while before he was really ready to share it with everyone.

    The format and content of the show was largely inspired by “Skins,” “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” and CW shows.

    Joey says that his favorite episode to film was episode 6, because it was the craziest to film. Whitney agrees, saying that it was her favorite to write and perform.

    “I didn’t want people to see Hunter as me,” Joey says, noting that it was a very intentional choice for him to create and play a character that was a departure from his vlog personality that he’s become so famous for.

    Fans can also see Joey for his second season on “The Amazing Race,” representing YouTubers! “It was an interesting experience…” he says, not offering a ton of information, but hinting at some possibly harrowing events.

    “We definitely hope so,” Whitney says about the possibility of a season 2. “It’s just a matter of getting the funding for it,” Joey says. “[Crowdfunding] is a lot more work than people might think,” he adds. So, possibly they will find another way to produce a new round of episodes. But as long as the fans want to keep watching, this talented group will want to keep creating!

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