"Sir Fedora" Takes Over Reddit
  • A young vlogger named Jack (who goes by the online alias “Sir Fedora”) only started posting YouTube videos 5 days ago, but he’s already racked up over 20,000 subscribers and hundreds of thousands of views thanks to the Reddit community.

    It all started yesterday, when Jack (who goes by the less formal “Mr. Fedora” on Twitter) excitedly made a video reporting that his first YouTube post had received a single like.

  • Reddit’s r/videos community, charmed at seeing such joy over such a relatively minor accomplishment, decided to flood the kid’s YouTube channel with likes, comments and just generally positive feedback. After only a few hours, the likes had topped 50,000 on that original video and the viewers were over 100,000.

    At this time, it remains unclear whether or not Sir Fedora realizes what has actually led to his newfound online fame, as he has not singled out or thanked Reddit for their response. But he has returned the favor by posting 3 new videos, including this ill-fated attempt at the “Whipped Cream Challenge.”

  • Reddit will surely continue to follow Sir Fedora’s work, as will we here at What’s Trending. Stay tuned…