“I’m Cured” Music Video to Promote OneKid OneWorld

"I'm Cured" Music Video to Promote OneKid OneWorld
By Cameron Anderson
  • The heartbroken Common Cold sings her woes when a cure is found.

    Rob Kutner & The Levinson Bros. released a music video for one of the many songs that is being sold to support OneKid OneWorld.  All the proceeds of the song and the album will go to helping children in need, as well as programs that build schools in Kenya and El Salvador. The video features singer Aimee Mann playing the Common Cold, who is depressed after a scientist, ” The State” alumni David Wain, finds the cure to get rid of her.  The video also features “Kids in the Hall” mastermind Dave Foley, who becomes a unfortunate scientist who drinks from the wrong beaker.

    You can get the song and music video from iTunes, and you can learn more about OneKid OneWorld at onekidoneworld.org