Diva Throwdown: Mariah Carey vs. Nicki Minaj

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  • Mariah Carey has been promoting the debut of her new music video “You’re Mine (Eternal)” for a few days now. It is the singer’s next single off of her upcoming album, The Art of Letting Go, out May 6. However, Nicki Minaj, who hasn’t released a new single in roughly a year, came out of nowhere and dropped her new music video for “Lookin’ Ass N***a.”

    In the video, Minaj can be seen handling automatic machine guns with ease and a killer attitude. Seems to me like she’s ready for combat with Mariah. After all, these two have quite the unfriendly background, going back to their “American Idol” judging/feuding days of last year.

    Is this just a big coincidence, or is major shade being thrown?

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