Happy Presidents’ Day: This Kid Knows More Than We Do

Happy Presidents' Day: This Kid Knows More Than We Do
By Bryce Christian
  • It’s Presidents’ Day, which means it’s that time of the year to honor all of those really old white guys with killer updos that ran this ship. Let’s celebrate by watching preschooler Caleb Russell name all of the presidents in consecutive order on Ellen. It also helps that he’s absolutely adorable; I cannot get over the “Yes, ma’am.” It almost takes the sting away from him being smarter than me. I guess there were things I could’ve been doing at age five other than watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on repeat.

    We here at What’s Trending decided to take a little quiz and test our presidential knowledge. We averaged 35/44. Yeah, we’re kind of amazing. Try and beat us. But if you can’t, don’t worry! Enjoy your holiday off (unless you’re us…sad face).