ThePianoGuys Perform “Let It Go” Mixed With Vivaldi’s “Winter” At The Famous Ice Castles

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  •  ThePianoGuys just upped the “Let It Go” cover game by mixing the famous tune from Disney’s “Frozen” with Vivaldi’s classical “Winter” piece.

    The guys wrote:

    Vivaldi’s almost reckless string motives helped us surround the determined, upbeat melody and chords from “Let It Go” with intensity and uncertainty. We wanted the music to alternate between “freezing” and “thawing,” representing the opposing forces throughout the “Frozen” story.

    They also filmed the performance of their original arrangement at the famous Midway Ice Castles, which you might recognize from one of the most viral “Let It Go” videos so far – Alex Boyé’s Africanized Tribal cover with the One Voice Children’s Choir. (Read our interview with Alex here!)

    To catch up on all of YouTube’s most incredible “Let It Go” covers, check out our compilation!

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