Sochi Owns Ring Fail In Closing Ceremony

  • It would be a bit of an understatement to say things in Sochi got off to a rough start.

    There was the media’s Twitter expos√© of the 2014 Olympic city’s unfinished accommodations, the gay rights atrocities, uncovered manholes and…Oh! The missing red Olympic ring during the opening ceremony.

    During the opening ceremony, the fifth ring famously failed to show during a lights display — a fail echoing all the others surrounding this winter’s games. It seemed like a divine sign that nothing was going to work.

    After two incredible weeks of competition, the Russians made a valiant effort to poke fun at themselves in the closing ceremony.

    During the spectacle, performers recreated the Olympic logo–minus one–but then generated the missing ring.

    Self-deprecation is always a win.