Bryan Cranston Goes “Angry Walter White” In New Godzilla Trailer

Bryan Cranston Goes "Angry Walter White" In New Godzilla Trailer
By Gaby Dunn
  • Run! Hide! Godzilla is loose!

    The trailer for the new Godzilla movie starring “Breaking Bad’s” Bryan Cranston brings the epic lizard monster back in a truly terrifying way.

    Not unlike last summer’s creature blockbuster¬†Pacific Rim, in Godzilla, nuclear experiments on large reptiles in the Pacific Ocean leads to a full scale invasion of humanity, and the destruction of several notable landmarks. (Bye Lady Liberty!)

    Cranston gets the trailer’s best lines, screaming about a cover up wherein those in charge are claiming Godzilla was a “natural disaster.” “You’re hiding something out there!,” he yells, and it’s probably not an RV containing a meth lab.

    The trailer is epic enough for an action thriller, with looming overhead shots, civilians screaming, and booming lines like “You have no idea what’s coming!” Can a 2014 audience be sold on an old-timey creature feature? That remains to be seen (though Pacific Rim picked up a cult following).

    Check out the trailer above!