The Funniest Dunkin Donuts-Themed “Drunk In Love” Parody

The Funniest Dunkin Donuts-Themed "Drunk In Love" Parody
By Gaby Dunn
  • Drunk in love or Dunkin love?

    Reggie White and Adrian Anchondo have created what might be the funniest YouTube Beyonce parody yet — a remake of her and Jay Z’s video for the steamy “Drunk in Love” starring a certain coffee chain.

    “I been cravin’ / I been cravin’ / I get hungry when I see that billboard baby” and “coffee on ice / coffee on ice” make you laugh, the rap breakdown makes you guffaw. It’s the perfect parody and marriage of all that’s great about life: coffee and Beyonce.

    Now, I guess it’s not just Bey’s “breasteses” that are for breakfast. Dunkin love!