Bieber’s Latest Deposition Videos Are A Crazy Must-See

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  • Justin Bieber Gives Attitude Throughout Deposition

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  • We know Justin Bieber fell off of the wagon earlier this year, but the TMZ videos of his deposition further prove he’s stepped onto the crazy train.

    In these videos, Bieber seems very out of it and is either playing dumb or very confused. “I don’t know if I’ve been to Australia.” Really, Justin? I understand that you may not want to answer some questions, but I think you would know what countries you’ve been to without asking your lawyer.

    One of the most interesting points of the videos to me is when Justin is asked about Usher. He won’t say that Usher has helped his career. Justin goes on to say that he thinks he has been “detrimental” to his own career. We agree, Justin! However, when asked to repeat that, his lawyer says he said he was “instrumental” to his own career and Justin agrees that that’s what he said. come on! I know that that’s not what this deposition is about, but he can’t just change his story, especially when it’s the one truly honest thing he said the whole time.

    Check out all the videos for yourself here to see the rest of the ridiculous things that come of Beiber’s mouth. Let us know in the comments what you think of these videos.

    And for a bonus, check out this video of Justin and Selena dancing in the studio apparently hours after the deposition. Selena, did you not see the videos?

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